Why is CSTA important RIGHT NOW

Over the last several years, the “Computer Science in education ” wave has been building up strength and the last year has been one of the most productive and exciting as we have seen in CS Education. Our annual CSTA conference has increased attendance significantly every year. Schools are adding Computer Science in all grade levels. CS vocabulary ,which has been largely unknown, is starting to become mainstream. Knowing that your iPhone has 64GB of storage memory. The fact that you know how much bandwith you are paying for with your home ISP. The fact that you know what an ISP even is. The fact that robotics are cleaning your living room carpet and we can buy them at Costco. The fact that 3 of your friends have a drone. The fact that your 2nd grader did an Hour of Code and knew more than her teacher. The fact that technology-based summer camps over overflowing. The fact that colleges are recognizing Computer Science as a required course for entrance. The fact that most majors in college have some requirements for CS.

Computer Science is here. Schools are scrambling for teachers. Professional development opportunities for teachers wanting to know how to bring CS into their classroom is huge. Students and parents are demanding that their school offer CS.

And as Spiderman(or maybe his uncle?) said, “…with great power comes great responsibility.”

The political and academic leaders in the US may (or may not) know exactly to go about bringing CS into their education systems. They are needing guidance, resources, and leadership on how best to offer CS in the schools in their cities. CSTA is the only organization on the planet especially for educators who teach Computer Science. For those teachers charged with doing great things in their classroom, there is a place they can look to for help.

CSTA has become the organization that teachers look to for the face of Computer Science. What an awesome time to be part of CSTA! As a member, you can truly be on the ground floor of the CS “movement”. As a board member, you can have direct impact on the type of leadership that CSTA can offer, how and where it offers this leadership, and what this leadership even looks like. CS is one of the most dynamic “disciplines” in our schools. CSTA has the ability to be as dynamic as the field we represent.

If you are at a point in your career where you feel you can make a significant contributor in this space, we would love to have you! Consider applying?

Dave Reed (past board chair) answers some common questions about being a board member here.

Or apply here.

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