Do we still need Computer Science in a world where AI can write code for us?


The programs and applications that we use to access AI are written in code.
The algorithms that are used to train models for machine learning are written in code.
The data that are collected, and the data wrangling that happens before that data is used in training is all done using computer programs.

Humans wrote that code.

If we want to improve the way AI learns through machine learning, then we need to improve our current algorithms and develop new ones. If we want to increase the accuracy, reduce the bias, and eliminate hallucinations, then we have to make new tools and improve existing tools for managing AI. If we want to improve and expand the ways in which we use AI, then Computer Science and programming will be how we do that.

AI stands on the shoulders of Computer Science. Because we are still very much in the infancy of AI, it is even more vital that our younger generations are highly trained in the ways of Computer Science.

Ai is just one type of application created using Computer Science. There are literally millions of types of programs coded using Computer Science. AI is not the end-all of technology, nor innovation. Do we want to continue to innovate, expand, and improve? Of course.

Think about how amazing technologies and tools like the Internet, the automobile, TV, GPS, cell phones, and AI are.

I can’t wait to see that the next level of innovation looks like.

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