Who I am

Learning should be hands-on, project-based, and engaging. All ages, all levels, all types of school, all learning. My entire life, I have been around education, either creating learning, thinking about it, or experiencing it. As a student, I earned my bachelor’s degree and 2 master’s degrees. As a teacher, I have taught students from ages 3 to 90, and groups in sizes from 1 to 300 in public and private institutions in all grades K-16, and in business, I have created technical and business learning for thousands of adults. I have learned and taught in schools on 3 continents, presented at conferences nationally and internationally, written a book, led workshops, designed and delivered blended, virtual, synchronous, and asynchronous curricula, built Computer Science programs from scratch, won awards, and successfully led teams both in-person and remote.

In my current role, I create highly technical learning content for business professionals in the I.T. industry.