Reflections after the CSTA 2017 conference

I just spent 6 days in Baltimore at the annual #CSTA2017 conference(CSTA = Computer Science Teachers Association). We had 700+ attendees and a record number of ehbitors. All of which is an incredible increase since even last year. Why? What’s going on? (He’s going to tell…He’s going to tell…(name the movie?)) I have many thoughts on that and the current changing nature of Computer Science and Computer Science education. But if I communicate these ideas in text, I would HAVE TO USE ALL CAPS THE WHOLE TIME, and I did not want to. Sooooooooooooo, go grab some coffee, get cumfy in your favorite chair, and sit back and enjoy my video-blog. WARNING: I get pretty into this stuff, so I think it’s like 20 minutes long……WELL WORTH IT I promise.

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