Reimagining Education

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Why not take the opportunity to look at every facet of education, keep the parts we love, kick out the parts that are useless, fix the parts that broken, update the parts that are out of date, rethink the ones that are not quite doing what we want…in other words lets ask questions about every component., and be ready to accept whatever answers we get. 100% agreed if we are seeing schools just go right back to the older decade out of date style, those schools will fail by failing our students. But this is not going to be easy. We are past the point where we need to blame anyone or anything. We are where we are; we got what we got. We need compromise, civil discussion, brainstorming, collaboration, listening….and then we need action, decision, and honesty. Students can start by talking with their teachers. Teachers can start by talking with administrators. Administrators can start by talking to city and state and national leadership. Parents can start by talking to teachers, administrators, and politicians. State and local educational leaders can start by listening to students, teachers, administrators, parents, and business owners. Let’s start asking questions now.

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