One of the technologies which I’ve really got my eye on is the Kinect. It has been marketed as the high tech video gamer cool gadget but in fact the educator in me sees so much more.  Especially I see a huge value in the elementary and middle grades for active learning.  Just off the top of my head,  I see students learning geometric shapes in the air with their hands;  I see students putting things together (i.e. building virtual things) perhaps 2 oxygen molecules and a hydrogen molecule might be grabbed out of a collection of molecules to form water; I see music students composing music interactively; I see history students moving armies around on a battle field to see how it plays out. Dr.  Medina(Brain rules) confirms that the research backs up the premise that students learn better when active….so why do we sit them in seats 7 hours per day? And for you advanced folks there is an advanced application just waiting to be incorporated into games, applications, tutorials, video..whatever….be careful..this is going to blow you away

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