Hey world. This happened today and my guess is 50% of the people out there read the article and don’t really know what it means. 40% didn’t read the article. WE HAVE TO CHANGE THIS. Most of us are 100% (not 90%…100%) reliant on technology for our daily life, social life, and work life. If we lost our internet, many people would be lost, on many different levels.

DDOS Attacks LIVEIf that doesn’t get your attention, spend 1 minute watching hack-attacks happens live around the world here:

It is officially time to make Computer Science with its many subcategories (robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber-security, software development, network security)… is time to make it a core class starting in pre-school and continuing throughout elementary, middle, high school, college, and beyond.

We live in a digital world. We live in the infancy of that world. Most people are clueless about the power of the technologies right in front of them.

We have to be better at understanding the tools in which we are using. We have to be able to make our own tools. We have to be able to fix tools that break. We have to be able to improve existing tools. And we have to be able to make better tools to defend ourselves against the bad guys.

“But that won’t happen to me”. Uhm, yes it will. It did today.

What are we waiting for?

Hey school leaders, parents, community leaders….We need YOU to be instruments of change

Begin the discussions that are needed to get our school to not just offer, but understand, realize, and embrace the various components of Computer Science.

Those who command technology and are in command of the technology will be the leaders in our world. Who do we want to be leaders?

Us or them?

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