Who I am

I believe in learning that is hands-on, project-based, and engaging. In a world that is dominated by technology, those who are in command of the that technology are leaders and change makers. My entire life I have been around education, either creating learning or receiving it. As a student, I have my bachelor degree and I just completed my second masters degree. As a teacher, I have taught students from age 3 to 90, and to groups in size from 1 to 300. I have learned and taught in schools on 3 continent. I have presented at conferences nationally and internationally, written a book, led workshops, designed synchronous and asynchronous curriculum , built Computer Science programs from scratch, won awards, and successfully led teams both in-person and remote.

In my current role as a Curriculum Manager at Udacity, I partner with subject matter experts in technology to create world-class curriculum to help people change their lives.

In my role as Computer Science teacher, Microsoft spent a day with me and my students. Here is the result of that experience.
Innovative Computer Science in the classroom